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LetsExtract Email Studio

LetsExtract Email Studio has a powerful tool to check whether an email address exists or not. Due to Email Verifier you will be able to significantly minimize the risk of your emails going to Spam. Try LetsExtract right now by downloading the free demo version.

8 levels of email validation

Syntax check

LetsExtract will exclude email addresses with an error, such as john, or gates$

Check domain name and MX record availability

The program will check that the domain from the address exists and has a MX record in DNS.

Deep verification

This is the most reliable way to verify an email. LetsExtract will try to connect the domain and start the process of sending an email.

Checking for temporary addresses

The program will exclude addresses which are created with the help of disposable email services, such as 10minutemail, Tempmail, Mailnator, Guerrilla etc.

Check for free email addresses

If you are only interested in corporate addresses, you can enable this option and LetsExtract will filter out addresses located on such hosting sites as,, etc.

Fake address check

LetsExtract is able to identify addresses, which are most often just a random set of symbols, for example,, etc.

Uncensored words check

The built-in filter helps you prevent getting addresses that contain uncensored words to your mailing list.

Blacklists support

Because of blacklists, you can more accurately configure the program, as well as filter out addresses that are address markers for spam filters, such as abuse@, forspam@ etc.

There are no restrictions

Email address verification services charge a fee for the number of verified addresses. Buying a LetsExtract license, you get an opportunity to check unlimited number of email addresses for free.

Multi-thread processing

LetsExtract checks email addresses quickly because of the multithreaded mode. You can save the result to a CSV or export it to Excel.

All-in-one tool

You do not need to use LetsExtract to collect email addresses. You can import your mailing lists into the program and verify them.

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