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LetsExtract Email Studio

LetsExtract Email Studio allows you not only to extract email addresses and verify them, but also to create a mailing list. The mailing program has no limits on the number of emails sent. Try LetsExtract right now by downloading the free demo version.

Mass mailing with LetsExtract

Built-in visual HTML editor

You can create emails simply by editing them as in a text editor.

Attachment support

Add an unlimited number of attachments to your emails.

Variable support

Use variables such as {Name}, {Date} and others to actualize your emails.

SMTP Support

Use your own SMTP servers or services such as SendGrid, MailGun, TurboSMTP etc.

Template support

The program comes with a free set of templates to help you quickly create an email.

Email address verification

In LetsExtract Email Studio you can verify the addresses before starting the emailing. This will significantly minimize the risk of your emails going to the Spam folder.

Project and profile support

You can create several mailing lists by assigning them to projects. You can also choose an SMTP server and email template you want to use.

Unlimited number of receivers

Email distribution services charge a fee for each email sent. By purchasing a license for LetsExtract - you get an opportunity to have unlimited and free mass mailing lists.

Multi-thread processing

LetsExtract processes mailing fast because of its multithreading mode.

All-in-one tool

You do not need to use LetsExtract to collect email addresses. You can import your email addresses into the program and start the mailing.

Create and send your emails.
Quickly and easily.

Evaluate the feature by downloading a free trial version